~an eccentric woman with extraordinarily memorable, often misunderstood but unmistakably distinctive style.

"It is my intent to showcase that which I consider wearable art.
Clothing that is whimsical, dramatic, avant-garde and on the
cutting edge of design - as seen through my eyes.
Brilliance and madness are interchangeable.
This is my style inspiration. I invite you into my world."
~Claudia Byrdine

Monday, October 24, 2011


I think I was about three when I started dressing myself in jewelry...
mounds and mounds of jewelry. As an accessory I would also
wear an article of clothing... but I think it was a second thought to the baubles.
Not much has changed.

Bracelets and rings used to always be worn atop evening gloves in the movies of the 1940's. What happened to that. Oh, some people still do.
That would be me.

Cuffs... if you don't have them on your shirt,
you should have them on your arms.
They are your modern day armor.

One of the most brilliant fusions of attire this decade, the "glove shrug"!
It is a new rendition of when my mom would crochet a
string adjoining my mittens so that when I took them off they would
dangle from my coat sleeves. Those however didn't have any sex appeal.
These sizzle.

Collar, corset and cuffs because the amazing fur just wasn't dramatic enough.

Ropes of coins wrapped round and round neck and wrists ... Gipsy appeal.

This outfit is absolute perfection! Texture, texture and texture. Delicious.

Decorating yourself is the ultimate indulgence.

Throughout human history, irrespective of religion race or culture, jewelry has existed as an integral form of expression. The function of ornamentation has
evolved and varied over time from a form of currency to a fashion
accessory and increasingly it is viewed as a form of artistic expression.

Model - Jac Jagaciak Photographer - Greg Kadel Stylist - Bill Muller
Accessories - Dolce & Gabbana, Lanvin, Cavalli and Gucci

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