~an eccentric woman with extraordinarily memorable, often misunderstood but unmistakably distinctive style.

"It is my intent to showcase that which I consider wearable art.
Clothing that is whimsical, dramatic, avant-garde and on the
cutting edge of design - as seen through my eyes.
Brilliance and madness are interchangeable.
This is my style inspiration. I invite you into my world."
~Claudia Byrdine

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Starring model:Kristen McMenamy and Photographed by Paolo Roversi

Long tulle skirt with train, blood red lips with veiled eyes … and one fabulous chandelier! (The stylist should be slapped for choosing that footwear!)

What lovely veiled head wrap. A mask that does not mask.

Kristen - served up with sumptuous fur stole and muff; the missing accessory… an apple in her mouth. Dinner anyone?

Cuffs of bangles, oh how I love them. Intriguing spats.

First let’s take a moment to admire this exquisite sheer skirt embellished with embroidery. It is stunning; as is the wonderful furry bolero in blush

Feather corsets. Everybody needs one!

All I can say is DIVINE!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Stratospheric layered fashion

Now that it is mid-November and there is a chill in the air I decided that a post full of layering would fit the bill. Layering is one of those things that can be wonderfully boho chic or
" michelin man" unflattering.
The key seems to be tone on tone creative pairing. Below are some marvelous examples.
Look and learn... and stay warm through the upcoming chilly temps.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Vogue Italia Glitter offeres us a glimpse of some of the most
eccentric and extrodinary accessories in it's November issue.

Venician romance ....

to decadent lobster fare

photographer Richard Burbridge's whimsical shoot finds inspiration
from Elizabethan to the bizarre.

I am incredibly enchanted by this collection of amazing hats.
Probably enhanced by the fact that I recently moved into a house
which in 1928 was a millinery shop.

Hats as accessory are a great but seldom pleasure.

These styles curated by fashion editor Robbie Spencer
are beautifully worn by Dree Hemmingway.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Being a collector of vintage clothing particularly of the 1940's I was drawn to this
pictorial musing of Old Hollywood and starlet glamor.

The thing I love most about this era of fashion is the attention to detail.
The line came from fabric and tailoring.
It showed just enough skin to tantalize the admirer into
wanting more.

Above a very Lauren Bacall outfit. Full in the sleeve and pant leg to accentuate a small waist.

Bette Davis in All About Eve. The hair and cigarette are unmistakable.

I love the simplicity of the white shirt and black slacks and Jean Harlow hair.

Model Viktoriya Sasonkina in Vogue Italia

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