~an eccentric woman with extraordinarily memorable, often misunderstood but unmistakably distinctive style.

"It is my intent to showcase that which I consider wearable art.
Clothing that is whimsical, dramatic, avant-garde and on the
cutting edge of design - as seen through my eyes.
Brilliance and madness are interchangeable.
This is my style inspiration. I invite you into my world."
~Claudia Byrdine

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The wide-eyed beauty of Sasha Pivovarova by Photographer Mario Testino for Vogue UK

I chose this week's post because I am in the midst of moving. I wanted something that was fresh and new, to reflect the wonder and possibilities... the creativity awakened by change.
A new beginning acts as a muse that inspires me to take chances, to be playful and to have a new point of view. As I unpack my wardrobe I see it as a brand new trunk of costumes.

...and it is time to play dress-up!

I have a hat, a coat and a frilly frock. A gypsy's collection of odds and ends. I bring with me my comfy old chair and I can make a proper home anywhere.

A ballerina skirt and a pair of waders along with yards if fabric to tent my walls; I will decorate my castle and myself with the same unbridled joy.

Ruffles and a rocking horse... Whimsical.

Draped in silk chiffon...

Wings ~ every angel, flower fairy, and dragonfly needs them.

A buttery yellow evening gown and velvet chair...I am enchanted.

A white cloud of taffeta sweeping across a sea of fur pelts ~ this must be heaven.

The dreams of new surroundings.

-Pictures originally published 2007 in Vogue UK_

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