~an eccentric woman with extraordinarily memorable, often misunderstood but unmistakably distinctive style.

"It is my intent to showcase that which I consider wearable art.
Clothing that is whimsical, dramatic, avant-garde and on the
cutting edge of design - as seen through my eyes.
Brilliance and madness are interchangeable.
This is my style inspiration. I invite you into my world."
~Claudia Byrdine

Sunday, October 31, 2010

LITTLE EDIE BEAL ~ by definition a true Chicaboom!

Inspired by the documentary, film and Broadway show, GREY GARDENS; model Alana Zimmer posing as Little Edie Beal is photographed by Mark Seliger for Vogue Spain.

Edie Beal's life went from riches to squalor but she never lost her strong sense of self or her devotion to her idea of fashion

Through her life she remained fabulous, wrapping her head with anything from a scarf to a sweater always topped off with a large broach.

She saw herself as a starlet/fashion designer who seemed to be unaware that she lived in a condemned old house in the Hamptons with her aging mother and 50 plus cats.

She was an extraordinary creature who lived a very unconventional life.

She has been muse to many a designer.

And is without doubt,
one of my favorite Chic-a-booms!

Beauty amongst the ruins.....

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